Hotel Salomon de RothschildOctober 20-23, 2022
Installations, Still and Moving images

Three talks, by GIVING BACK IS DEAD and hosted by founder Scott Stover, will explore new views of philanthropy in the arts with three prominent millennials in the field. Arts and culture can have a social impact through the prism of multiple actors/stakeholders in the art arena.

Thursday 6pm - Michael Rudokas

Michael Rudokas is an art advisor and Senior Director at Schwartzman&. He was a founding staff member and Director at Art Agency Partners, where he worked for prominent collectors and institutions. While working for AAP, Michael grew the reach of the firm’s advisory projects worldwide, developed new initiatives and partnerships, and expanded the scope of services AAP could provide its collectors. In addition to his work advising collectors, he also leads the Philanthropic Advisory arm of Schwartzman&.
Michael earned his B.A. in Philosophy and Visual Art from Marlboro College, Vermont and his Masters from Hunter College, New York.

Friday 6pm - Keith Rivers

Keith Rivers is a USC graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Public Policy, Management, and Planning. He is also a former NFL linebacker. He was drafted ninth overall in the 2008 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals and also played for the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills throughout his career. Following his retirement from the NFL in 2015 Rivers has worked in commercial real estate while continuing to develop his passion for art and art patronage. He is currently a trustee for several museums.

Saturday 6pm - Tiphaine Calmettes

AWARE Women Artists Laureate 2020
Thiphaine Calmettes (born in 1988) lives and works in Paris. Through her practice with sculpture, installations and performances involving meals, she focuses on the relationship between the human being and the environment. Through eating, she raises the question of interdependence between all life on earth and what we consider as living entities. Working with researchers in anthropology and history, she is interested in how our ways of life could be rethought, bringing back ancient practices, and forgotten know-how. Through her art, Calmettes brings stories to life, in the form of collective experiences.

About the host

Scott Stover is a Philanthropy Advisor specializing in arts, culture, and science, who focuses on innovative approaches to sustainable systems building. Applying his background as an investment banker, Scott prioritizes the development of financially robust philanthropy models designed for long-term impact. From establishing and managing private foundations for individuals and artists, to developing international donor support for institutions, Scott encourages clients to think holistically about the visionary potential of their philanthropic initiatives. Working with a network of international advisors, trusted powerbrokers, curators, and pioneers in institutional communications, Scott ensures that resources are strategically channeled to achieve maximum reach and impact. In today’s hyper-connected world, establishing a legacy is far more than simply “giving back.”

About Giving Back is Dead

A new podcast hosted by Scott Stover that dismantles the framework of philanthropy as we understand it today. Is Giving Back dead? As the largest-ever transfer of generational wealth occurs, what are the motivations and focus of the MZ generation (Millennials and Genz)? What are their choices as patrons? How does their focus and approach differ from previous generations? Each episode explores how MZ’s are redefining what it means to support arts and culture. Is their focus shifting from simply “giving back” to use their resources differently? With historical references and current news cycles to provide backstory for the conversation, Scott and his interviewee get into the details surrounding the issues, who is involved, who still needs to get involved, and what is the endgame.

In partnership with

In partnership with Scott Stover Inc. and Giving Back Is Dead, Arkive is collaborating around our week-long content series. In addition, Arkive is debuting their new acquisition of Aria Dean’s Eulogy for a Black Mass (2017) at OFFSCREEN Paris 2022.

Aria Dean

Aria Dean is a New York-based artist, curator, and writer. Her videos, essays, installations and sculptures challenge the representational systems of race, power, and form.

Eulogy for a Black Mass (2017), is a video essay which serves as a conversation starter on the relationship between digital culture, race, and identity. It is a key early work in Dean’s artistic practice (a video that she made while she was still serving as the Editor and Curator of Rhizome, the net art incubator) and is foundational to understanding the way her work continues to engage with popular media, theory, and image culture today.

“Arkive is building the world’s first decentralized physical museum where its global community decides what art and cultural artifacts to acquire into the collection and where they will be exhibited. We aim to activate our collection through partnerships with cultural institutions and spaces to increase visibility and engagement with the items we acquire. Arkive’s global team and community includes curators, artists, collectors, dealers, web3 product veterans, and thousands of others who are reimagining the future of curation.”